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Aside from early access, you'll have your name be mentioned at the end of the video.
Headshot Commission
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This section is a once a month chibi commission only! I will choose one person per month for a commissions.

The only rules of this commission is:

-Only one character

-be specific

-must credit me.

- This will be uploaded it to YouTube.

(Once a month may vary, so be aware that may change.)

Bust up Commission
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About J.T Designs


I'm J.T and I'm a self-taught artist! I make digital art, but I also do traditional as well. I'm also a college student. I make youtube videos of digital art. I'm also a student and a writer.

There are reasons why I need a Patreon. I need to upgrade everything and buy supplies for traditional media. So I hope I'll be able to reach my goals.

As much as I love doing my digital and traditional art, I'll also like to reach my goal as a fully published writer. I'll be doing this traditionally, however before I'll be sending my manuscript to the literary agents, I want to send my manuscript to a freelance editor I had in mind. Of course, the cost is a lot since I want her to edit the whole manuscript, along with query letter and synopsis. When doing this the same time, even with having to do school, this will take time for me to reach these goals. So of course, this is my other reason why I want to do a Patreon.

What happens if there are any leftovers?

1. If there are leftovers, it will go to my college savings where I'll be able to afford textbooks and classes that I'm interested to take because I'm only allowed to take the courses that are in my major and not outside.

2. For financial reasons.

3. To my writing career.

4. The leftovers will also go to supplies in case if I ran out or something went wrong.

If you decide to support me, please take a look at the pledges and pick which ones you want. I'll be sending rewards to the once you pick.

Also for the rewards will be commissions, there is a chance where I will have to change the once a month because of my schedule. Of course I will let everyone who pledges for the commissions will know. Just keep in mind that it might happen. I will make it up and make sure that the once a month will be back in schedule.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my Patreon page!
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Thank you so much! I'll be able to pay for my classes
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