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About Shadowkai

Hello and welcome to my Pateron page!

We've all seen those YouTube gamers who are jacked. They like to talk about how they got there and all of the supplements they take and all of that. That's great and all, but what about the rest of us, "normal people"?

Diet and exercise is a great way to lose weight, but sometimes it can be really hard to get motivated. I know it is for me at least. That is why I came up with my YouTube channels; ShadowKai Gaming, Gaming to Live and Gaming 2 Live.

The purpose of the Gaming to Live channels is to motivate me to work out more. Each game that I play has a different set of rules, all of which builds up a work out for that day based on my performance in the game. This gives me extra motivation to work out (and also perform better or worse in the game, depending on the rules I set up that day). 

My name is Joe "ShadowKai" Burkhart and my goal here is to motivate myself to lose about 100lbs. Ultimately I would also like to share this motivation with my viewers and hope that they will also find a good activity that motivates them to reach their weight loss goals, whether it be through gaming or otherwise.

My Channels:

ShadowKai Gaming is the YouTube channel I have strictly to show off my live stream highlights.

Gaming to Live is the YouTube channel I have to show off a bit of game play and track my workout for that day, so that my viewers know exactly what I have in store for myself.

Gaming 2 Live is the YouTube channel I have to show the work out that I have to perform that day, as well as giving a weekly update on my weight loss, overall health and anything else that may have come up during the week that week.

Feel free to check out any and all of the above channels. I also have a twitch channel where I live stream my gaming sessions (and eventually my work outs as well). I also have other social media accounts that you are more than welcome to follow as well. 


If you subscribe to my YouTube, Twitch or become a Patron you will gain special access to my discord server (each has it's own benefits/rewards associated with it.)

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