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About Tj

We have started a unique ministry to reach Gamers with the Gospel. I live stream on one of the top 3 websites in the world with one mission to reach “Gamers" with the Gospel. An unreached sub culture - with 1.2 billion people worldwide, who have a very unique connected culture that defines them; even through language barriers.
I've had more than 1,000 gamers come through my channel and hear that God loves them and that He died for them, that they have worth, and He cares. We have seen gamers accept Jesus into their hearts and connected them with a local church in there area. You can also catch me live @, reaching gamers who need to know Jesus love!#GodLovesGamers

Patron's support will go towards allowing me the opportunity to create a better stream quality and also produce content worth peoples their attention.
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I am producing a high quality stream and video content to captivate streamers so they can hear the message that God Loves them unconditionally!
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