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About Dandalph

"ConQuest" an app for convention scavenger hunts with arg elements

CHS '05 Reunion. Gene Connolly Benefit and Concert Series

Buritta and Waffles might each be able to make bunnies

Yuna x Ransom could happen as early as March and would yield puppies before years end

If either project is funded I can post Photos of bunnies and puppies and continue to content create on twitch.tv and for youtube

I am hard at work on a documentary about HB481, making its way through the state government of New Hampshire, an attempt to reform cannabis law. Ideally include it for consideration at SNOB and NHFF.

I want to release an album of my solo hip hop material this year
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I made about 25 dolllars a month last year, this would change my life
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