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Be part of it! Whenever you think I wrote something stupid (or incomplete), you can write an answer which I'll post after proper proofreading agreed by both of us, giving you full credit. A good conversation is always better than any monologue!
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You get the cred. Seriously, your name will get in the credits as a huge thank you being on my team, plus all previous rewards.




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In the middle of Somewhere is a blog about dropping out stupid expectations, walking (off?) the Earth and shaking the feeling of void by denying void itself. You say ''nothingness''? I reply : ignorance.

It's the (sometimes) funny story of a madman gone wild, litteraly and litterary, dead tired of western civilization's bullshit. That's what happens when you read too much philosophy : science, religion, grandma's crazy beliefs, I'll shake them all like palm trees to get the few coconuts they might have.

And I'll share the juice.


Oh! It's french and english, translated by your (not so humble) servitor. Because translating is fun.
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I can definitly live with 1000$ a month (I was able to live with that amount even in Quebec), traveling and volunteering my way anywhere in the world. Getting rid of the ''financial stress'' would be the beginning of serious business, as I'll be able to try and enjoy anything in my travel (even helping people who deserve it) without looking for a way to earn money. Selling my body (even to a ''moral'' person) isn't really my type.
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