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Wowiee! Thanks! I'll be posting my art here a day BEFORE any of my other sites, such as Tumblr or Deviantart. That means you get early access to my art! Lucky you! You also will be able to vote on what I will work on next!
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Sketches! I'll post sketches here that will not be ANYWHERE else.
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WOoowWW! Your support is amazing! On top of all of the other stuff,  I'll make some Wallpapers that you will have access to! It will be well worth it!
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That is just so much money. Doing this, I will draw YOU a personal Twitter Icon. So you can tell me what to draw. Cause you are just that cool.




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About Benjamin Scribner

During the day I'm just an average guy. But at night I become an artist extraordinaire. My superpowers include procrastinating other responsibilities, pulling up late nights and drawing like a mad demon. I like working on projects such as Storyboards, Fanart, and Character Designs. I thought it would be a good idea to take all this effort I've been putting into drawing and make a revenue out of it. BUT more importantly, I like making art for people. I get a huge kick out of making people happy with what I draw. I'd like to spread the Love!

Instagram- @benscribbles
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I'll be making more than I've ever thought I'd make on this site. Thanks for the support!
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