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About BFF - Bawden Family Fun

1$ / month - You will gain access to additional monthly family videos that will be unlisted, just for Bawdenbots, and that regular subscribers will not have access to. These videos will include our daily activities, behind-the-scenes content, and special give-aways that only patreon-Bawdenbots will have access to.

5$ / month - you will get sent a monthly postcard from the BFF family and all previously mentioned swag.

10$ / month - You will be added to our shoutout roll call at the end of our videos, and get a verbal shout-out. You will also have access to previously mentioned swag.

20$ / month - monthly skype calls, along with all of the previously mentioned swag.

With these extra funds we will be able to further improve our content by investing in the channel and getting closer to our core fan-base.

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