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About Ken Lyons

About The Series

"By and By" is a weekly webcomic about Walter Ayo, a socially awkward 11-year-old and his struggle to understand God, girls, government and grown folk!

Comedic and awkward moments follow. 

The series can be followed on

With Walter are his friends, Dylan, Anita and Wayne.

Dylan is Walter's moral compass who often tries to move Walter's awkward ways towards what most would consider normal...only to end in failure. Anita is the only girl in school who even understands Walter, much less hangs out with him. And Wayne is the eyes and ears of all things geek and anything on the interwebs, from memes to conspiracy theories, causing him to put a LOT of gasoline on the fire that is Walter's already overactive imagination.

I have been given so much by other great cartoonists and artists just from the things they published and created both in books and online and my goal is to do the same for kids and adults alike.

Ever since I was a socially awkward 11-year-old (because, needless to say, Walter is loosely based on my own life as a kid), I always came up with stories, ideas and concepts and realized that it was my gift to people. Mix that with my passion for art and illustrations I realized now was the time to bring my work to the table.

Why I Need Your Support 

"By and By" is a dream of mine that will, with your pledges, be supported by way of promotion as well as technology. 

I will use what you pledge to me to get new hardware and pay for my software such as Sketchbook Pro. 

Also, I LOVE learning and getting extra training. With your pledges will also pay for any extra courses and programs I can participate in to better improve "By and By" any other artwork I deliver to you and others. 

Also, I'm looking to go to multiple anime and comic book conventions with the hope to reach multiple people with a positive message and an epic webcomic!

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Back in 2015, my old tablet was stolen. It set my work back several months but I returned with traditional art of my webcomic "By and By." With no plan to give up, I have decided that now is the time to push forward and share my work no matter how difficult! With your help, I'll be able to cover the cost that it took to replace the tablet. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post