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About Obsessive Costume Design

Put simply...we are a family of geeks. We love sci-fi and fantasy, gaming of all sorts, comic books, conventions, and cosplay. Formerly, we found ourselves working nonstop to provide for our family. Kids, bills, and mortgages didnt leave a lot of time (or funding) for enjoying ourselves as a family to pursue what we love. But in the last year we have been blessed with the opportunity to chase a dream and at least try to make a living doing it. 
  After many years of attending comic conventions and being amazed with all of the people wandering about in costume, we decided to jump headfirst into the deep end of the pool. It took 2 years of on and off work to complete our first costumes. There were many late nights and weekends spent sculpting, cutting foam, sewing, and brainstorming how to actually recreate movie characters that we loved so much in the real world. There was a lot of frustration, arguing, and more then enough throwing hands up and swearing that we were done with this cursed project...but we always came back to it because we knew that in the end it would be worth it. It was something that we loved deeply and could not turn away from. 
 Two years later we have managed to branch out more, travel to new places, meet some personal heroes and role models, as well as some amazing people doing incredible things, create more and most importantly nurture that creativity in our children. We are trying to expand our reach and turn our little craft room studio into a business that will allow us to try new projects, expand our skills, and travel more making props and costumes.
  Pledges go towards expanding our studio, materials for new projects and sales, helping us to do more instructional and streaming videos, and enabling us to take on more commission work. 
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We're looking to buy some new equiptment for the shop; this would allow us to provide more online content through Twitch to help new and old cosplayers alike learn more about how to make stuff!
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