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Hi. Well to start off, my name's Steve. I'm a writer, a comic, and a podcaster from the east coast of the US. I currently am hosting a podcast once a week, am working on getting an hour's worth of stand up together in about a month and a half, have about 7 books ideas, somewhere around 200 flash fictions, and about 20 some serials that I'm currently working on and would love to finish and put out into the universe.

My friend Xavier and I have been putting out a podcast about once a week for a couple weeks so far, and I've been having the time of my life with it. In fact, we seem to even be getting a small following of sorts. If you'd like to check that out, just go to our soundcloud site at, and give us a listen. I'm excited to keep putting up more material with Xavier, as well as bunch of our other friends who are quite some characters. 

And of course, I have been putting out some flash fiction online. I am hoping to start putting up a website as well as a second season at some point in the near future. For now you can check out my stuff for now at,

And for anybody who's local, I do stand up at a couple open mics in the area. 

Now, why I'm making this Patreon. 
You see...
We all know the staving artist syndrome. Well, I might not exactly fall into that category. But let's just say that it's quite difficult financially to do anything other than pay the bills at this point. And It's hard to make time for much else that I enjoy doing in my life, such as writing, or performing, or especially podcasting. No, really. If you have not done podcasting with any of your friends, you are missing out. 
But even if you're not interested in doing any of this stuff yourself, I am committed to bringing you, the fan, the best that I can give. Hopefully this has been getting better over the years. Because it's only been getting more fun for me over the years. 

Now, I honestly appreciate anybody who simply enjoys any of the work that I've done throughout the years of my music, or my writing, or even that "acting gig"  And I would never want anybody to give money if they weren't able to, or didn't think I earned their hard earned money. 

But if you feel as if, "Hey! This kid ain't half bad!" Well, I'd be more than happy for the extra help. 

I know either way, I plan on continuing to do these artistic endeavors, because they make me happy. And I'm happy to share with you all reguardless. But I am looking to give some people a little more than what I'm able to these days.

Hopefully, this year, we can make my writing/comedy/podcasting great again.
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