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Hi there! It's Nayrman (Ryan) from BrainScratchComms! I'm here to offer some extra content on the side of what I already normally do for BrainScratchComms! If you like what I do there, you'll certainly enjoy what I do here on Patreon. It's a rough business out there, this will help me keep up to date on various technologies used in game recording and streaming, as well as allowing me to gain access to more games to share with everyone. If you like gaming Let's Plays and streams, you'll enjoy what I do.
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You get the Patron status on my discord, so you get a special second chat area just for you!
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This lets you join in on a private call every month specifically for Patrons on my discord! We usually talk about nonsense going on at the time.
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In addition to the previous perks, we'll have a monthly game night! This will mostly be Nintendo related and occasionally PS4. We'll hop online and do some multiplayer gaming! If you're the $5 tier, you can still join in the call!
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This is to help supplement BrainScratch, so when big games come around we can get them and put them out for BSC as soon as we can!
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