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Hey there! Welcome to my patrons page!

I'm "Dan", Oly, or as some of you prefer to call me, Memes, of Olympia Memes, a Facebook page dedicated to bringing humor and goodness to the streets of Olympia, and this is my patreons page. 

Patreon is a new way to help support the artists/bloggers/comedic sites whose work you enjoy. It's a new funding platform that is similar to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, with one major difference: instead of giving one large donation towards a big project, with Patreon you can give regular support to the people you love who are creating content on an ongoing basis. I am pretty stoked to be a part of it.

Since 2012, I have been a dedicated champion for needs not being met in Olympia Washington. So what started as a page set out to make you laugh, over time has turned it into a page where people can connect with others in the area to make the city as a whole healthier and safer.

Some of the awesome things we have been able to accomplish:
  • Meme yourself for Safe Place 2013 - raising over $2,500 for the women's shelter
  • Funeral for Derrick McDougal - In September 2013 we raised over $4,000 so that one of our most beloved street friends, Dudeman could be laid to rest with respect and dignity
  • I remember Derrick foundation - In honor of Derrick McDougal - raising awareness for suicide prevention and organizing supplies drives to benefit those in need on our streets 
  • Dog food drive - For the animals of Olympic Animal Sanctuary - raising hundreds of pounds of dog food
  • Warm coats and blankets drive - Collecting over 300 items to keep our street people warm
  • Infant formula drive - For the Thurston County Food Bank when there was talk of cutting off WIC
  • Safe Place for Christmas - Gift drive for women and children spending Christmas in the shelter
  • Adopt a Senior for Christmas - Sponsoring seniors with gifts at a nearby assisted living homes, who would otherwise not have received anything Christmas morning.
  • Oly for Oso -  Community garage sale - raising over $1,500 for our neighbors of the north
  • Oly Clean in 2014 - 4,000 lbs of garbage including countless needles removed from our streets in one day
  • Zombie Run - A fundraising event for City Gates with freakish fun downtown 
  • Clothing Drive 2014 - Raising over 5 thousand lbs of donated clothing AND $1,000.00 for City Gates
  • Adopt a Senior for Christmas 2014 - Sponsoring seniors again with gifts at a nearby assisted living homes, who would otherwise not have received anything Christmas morning.
  • Senior give back night at the Sequoia 2014 - Music performance from the Komachin Middle School Jazz band, cookies, and friendly people to give the gift of time and company to the residents
  • Oly Clean 2015- Organizing over 20 teams and 300+ participants to set out and clean streets and parks in Thurston County and smashing our record last year. Oly Clean 2015 carried 4,600 lbs of garbage out of our area.
Some of the things we have also put together were just as much for fun as raising awareness or money. Tattoo contests, Big Tom's giveaways, Haunted House giveaways, taking part in a BBQ fundraiser/raffle for Heaven's Sake animal rescue, impromptu Ice Bucket Challenge at the Artesian Well, Harlem Shake the Fountains, and pizza parties with giveaways to say thank you to our volunteers. 

So, here is where I need you. Though I consider myself a steward of and for the city, officials do not believe there is a place of employment for me. I would like to make what I do full time but I am running out of the resources needed as these events take on lives of their own.

My support comes from people like you who see what I do and appreciate the impact.

Please consider becoming my patron so that eventually I might have a living wage. The types of things you have seen so far are examples of what I can do with next to nothing. I am ready to do more. I am ready to work hard. But I can't do it without you. 

In a world where everything is someone else's problem, I am ready to be the solution and make things happen. To make them better. Please help me continue doing what I love.

Thank you


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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