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Hey there - it's Stefano, programmer/designer of Armada Warlords.

Star Wars has been one of my greatest passions since I was kid. I literally can't remember any moment of my youth without Star Wars - from watching the original movies to the presents my father brought me from his work trips in U.S.A.

I've grown up and learned programmation and web technologies, but I've never forgot about Star Wars . And since I've started playing Star Wars: Armada , I thought I could join my skills in programming and my passion into a single being:Armada Warlords .

I've really enjoyed programming Armada Warlords - and still I do - but it was hardly an easy work. So many things were added, changed, removed and added again, endless hours of free time went into creating a working framework which was both flexible and adaptative. Every single bit of design was coded to suit the latest technologies and demands, like smartphone and tablet views. Every client-side and server-side function was coded to be as much as open to changes as possible while staying on the objective but still open to future changes and additions.

My real work situation is getting worse and worse day after day, and I may find myself without much to do but looking for a new place in the following months. This is one of the causes I am now allowed more to work on Warlords than previously. Although you may of course be happy for the new things, things for me aren't the brightest right now.

I can't really say what will happen in the near future, but I am preparing myself to live for some time without a real full time job. This is why I am creating a Patreon for Armada Walords. While of course programming Armada Walords isn't a real job, your help may help me pass through this time, and I could spend a lot more hours a day on Warlords itself. All is ask is, if you want to support, to become a Patreon for Armada Warlords. I'm not totally an expert and I'm still setting up the thing, but everything I ask is to become a Patron for 2$ or 5$ each month. Warlords at the moment counts more than 1700 registered users and 9000+ anonymous ones, so if only half of the registered users could donate 2$ a month, I could be living just by updating Warlords for a while.

As for Armada Warlords, I have still so many things I would like to add to the application, and this bad time could be just the start for something new. Warlords could gather and process list data and show infographics, have more mobile-friendly features that will let you use Warlords on your phone and create lists on-the-go. We could have list rating, comments anddiscussions between users on each list, and many more social-media like features that are only waiting to be coded.

Becoming a Patron for 2$/month may seem little, but if everybody of you shares this ideal with me, everything of this could become reality in the future, step after step, with the "customer-fidelty" I've always been proud to sustain.

Thank you  for reading

- Stefano "nevetz1911" Olgiati
Armada Warlords Owner
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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