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All of the previous benefits, plus short passages from works-in-progress, such as a portion of a chapter from my current novel draft, a detailed section from the current gaming project, a short story, or even just a character profile. These post once per month. 

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All of the previous benefits, plus once a month I'll personally answer questions you may have about my writing or other work, or even if you just want to pick my brain about a random topic. Remember, be good humans when you do this. (Responses will vary in length based on my knowledge base and interest in the topic at hand.)




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Hello! I'm Rusty Childers, a writer, editor, and game designer. I attended Pacific University Oregon for undergrad, and after a three-year stint in China and South Korea teaching English, I came back to get my MFA at Goddard's Port Townsend, WA campus. My 9-5 is as an editor for an environmental consulting firm, mostly reviewing scientific and permitting documents related to renewable energy. And while all of that science (and legalese) certainly informs my personal work, that's not really what this page is about. 

This Patreon page is intended to support my fiction and gaming work. You can help me fund research projects, gather funds for artwork, and create a community so I don't live in a vacuum. Creative pursuits are an iterative process, after all, and having fresh, respectful opinions can be so helpful!

Your support will help me with two major projects:
  1. My current novel. At the moment, this is the supernatural spy-thriller Dragonlines. Your help can allow me take time off my 9-5 to write, keep me stocked with caffeine-enriched beverages, and enable various research initiatives that would be harder for me to conduct on my own.
  2. The Kazarim Campaign Setting. I'm putting together a Pathfinder 1st Edition-compatible campaign setting. Most of your support here will go to paying for graphic design, artwork, and play testing.  

These are all things I will eventually do on my own without your help; however, you can dramatically shorten the timeline for making these tasks happen. Instead of figuring out where these projects fit in between mortgage payments, student loans, and tacos, with your assistance, we can make them happen faster and with better quality control.
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When I reach $500/month, I will start a podcast or vlog series where I read excerpts from one of my current projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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