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The money pledged to this patreon account will be used to pay for better hardware equipment to make better videos, to support future content which may include paying guests, unlocking paywalls for research and other supporting things needed that I may need in the future but have't thought of yet, to help pay off my college loans, and possibly to support organizations to make the world a better place (donations). I am trying something new in addition to what I have created in the past. I see many people talk about changing the world for the better, but words are not actions, and in the end game of this venture I hope to not only change some minds with facts, alternative views, and reason but to actually do something to better the world, not just for me but in general for everyone. If for no other reason you should pledge because I make you laugh, entertain you in some way, or you support what I'm trying to do.

If you are concerned about me using patreon to pay off student loans consider this... I have three option available to me that I can see... 
1. I get a second full time job and work 80 hours a week which will be completely exhausting and I might crash and burn trying to do that
2. set up a "gofundme" 
3. set up a patreon account and provide honest content.

While you pledge money to me and this account... I in turn pledge to all those who subscribe to my channel, follow me on twitter, or pledge money to my patreon, I in turn pledge to all that I WILL NEVER sell out my ideas. I cannot be bought for any price. When I say, type, or express an opinion it is honestly my opinion on a topic, product, idea, or whatever. This of course doesn't necessarily apply to jokes. 

The money will also go to financially help my editor who is physically disabled and is going to school full time. She is very busy but has helped edit some of my most recent videos. It is a way for her to earn money, experience, and show she is competent for possible future employers.
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