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About Vof99 Radio

We've functioned for 3 years with minimal donations but managed to create some amazing things, just imagine what we can do with a little money!!  We believe in what we do so much that lack of funds has never stopped us, however working 3 jobs while trying to run a radio station is exhausting.  Being able to cover our overhead and bring on paid interns to spread out the work load would really make a difference!  Check us out:

Vof99 Radio is a station started in 2011 that covers resistance movements worldwide! Our current shows use round-table discussions, critique of ongoing news debates, and interviews to raise the public consciousness. The idea is to get at the radical root of the mainstream narrative and show a perspective not widely exposed in the media. It is a process of constant learning and digging within ourselves and the issues discussed. On-air discussions track the influence of history, compare tactics of other radicals, deliver activist news, and thought-provoking editorials. We are non-partisan talk radio. The culture of our community seeks diverse voices, open minds, and promotes anti-oppression awareness.We are funded by our listeners and programers, and are not interested in commercial profit. We exist to support those daring to resist the status quo, not exploit them. We seek to be a tool that individuals and groups use to outreach and network, and to open space for this movement to MOVE!


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