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I am a 21 year old illustrator/artist living in Liverpool, U.K. I had places to go to University but decided not to, because of the amount of student debt you have to take on these days. 
I am trying to set up an art business, painting murals in schools and bedrooms, designing greeting cards, prints, canvases and posters. At the moment I do not have the funds to develop prints of my designs, but it is something I would really, really love to do. If you were to pledge to me, your pledge would go directly into me being able to get prints/cards etc created. 
I also designed artwork for a children's board game called 'How does your Garden Grow' - myself and the people behind it would love to send it across the world to children in schools and gardening communities, but we only had the money to create a prototype - not to order multiple copies!

Anyway, please check out my work, and if you like it enough to leave a pledge, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you very much for checking out my page!

xx :)

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Raising any pledges at all would mean I would be able to update the way I work - I currently do illustrations on an app called Art Studio, but I've learnt recently that the scale of the illustrations are not compatible with the app - it's been recommended to me that I should get a Wacom tablet, or Illustrator or Photoshop, or get a professional tablet.
I would also be able to create prints of my work, which is my main goal. It costs quite a bit to get prints done, but the more you print, the cheaper it is overall. I would love to create and sell prints of my work - any funding I receive would go towards developing prints and cards.
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