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per Using Money to help with show production
Thank you for supporting me share my World of Harthron with others.  As time goes on I will look at other ways of rewarding my supporters. Maybe by running as a DM online, having a monthly online chat show to give advice on DMing or Role-playing. 




per Using Money to help with show production


I'm just asking for donations to help launch & improve the production of our d&d game for Twitch & YouTube.  Just starting to use Twitch & share our game on YouTube, and I hope to share my game with people around the world.  Maybe help some DM's and players alike with 40 years of DMing and gaming experience.  I'm one of the original "OG's" -Original Gamer's,playing d&d since 1977.  I will use the funds raised to purchase better audio and video equipment as well as items for the game setting to give viewers a better overall experience.
$5 of $80 per Using Money to help with show production
First goal is pay for my monthly internet bill, I use a very high speed internet to help run Twitch and YouTube.  This will make the wife happy.
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