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About Leonita Gaspard

Hi there, my name is Leonita Gaspard and I'm an aspiring video game creator.

I've studied video game development, and more specifically 3D Modelling and design at university, and now having graduated I'm looking to create my own games.

My preferred genre is the visual novel, being heavily inspired by the likes of the Ace Attorney, Zero Escape and Danganronpa series.
All of my projects will be in the visual novel format using the handy visual novel engine, Ren'Py.

As this is a one-woman team, everything will be created by me and hopefully with enough support, I can release all my finished works completely free of charge!

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and I hope that you'll enjoy what I come to create!
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I'll be looking towards getting a new graphics tablet for me to work on, and possibly even a new desktop PC
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