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About Jesus

     My name is Jesus Chambrot. I am an Illustrator and Animator for the past ten years. One day while on line, a stalker told me that I lived a lucky life and I realized that the  stalker was right. Why was she right? Or better yet ,Why the hell do I have a stalker?

    There's a television show on Disney called 'Gravity Falls" and the character Soos was based on me. I went to the same school at the same time as the creator of "Gravity Falls" .

  I also went to school with Pen Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. I was there when he first put the Pitch Pack together to pitch to Nickelodeon when they came to take pitches at our school. I helped him organize the materials after they were printed and I could honestly say that I did not understand what he was doing. Later on I saw people kicking their own butts when they didn't get Adventure Time either. Look how huge its gotten.

    I want to draw a weekly comic  where I take a past experience and draw it out .I want to tell the story about the early days of Adventure Time when my room mates were working on it.
     I want to write the comic about how my stalker or should I say STALKERS I received after "Gravity Falls" came out. The stories are pretty messed up but you'll just have to read.

    I want to draw a comic where I won tickets to a Michael Jackson concert, how I won them and who I took to the concert- I had to choose between my brother and my school crush. Oh and I got to meet Michael Jackson .

    Why is it called "Growing UP Jesus"? My name has been a burden and a blessing at once. A burden cause people expect me to live to a higher standard and a blessing cause as a kid I got away with a lot of stuff just cause I was named Jesus.

   I don't consider myself to have a lucky life I'm not rich but I am rich in experiences that are just mind blowing. One last thing before you go. I once  got a twenty five thousand dollar reward  for catching a thief but I there was a reason I didn't get the reward. Yeah,I'm lucky-in a way.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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