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Welcome to Project Nefas. If you're looking for an exciting and imaginative world with unique characters and a captivating story then you've come to the right place! We're so thrilled to have you here and taking time to look over our project and certainly hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Project Nefas is an undertaking to bring a new and thrilling story to life as well as provide an ever-changing world full of endless possibilities to the mind of readers everywhere. Initially starting in the mind of it's creators as a Novel, Project Nefas evolved into it's current graphic format. Full of deep and complex characters, races, and extended lore, the world of Nefas could better be seen in visual form as opposed to text. This, of course, involves much more time and dedication as well as more hands on board thus extending a simple writing endeavor into a series of planning, writing, story-boarding, and so on. So come and join us in building this world of humans, demons, angels, and cute little deer! There will be heartache. There will be wall breaks. There will be pain, and blood, and tears, and joy, and love.



Nefas is a story which takes place in an age of Iron. Divine laws have been shredded and the very existence of Life itself has fallen prey to the danger of being consumed. The world has shifted into the shadows of it's darkest hours without knowing what dangers it truly faces. While the empires carry on, powerful figures work in the shadows, combating for their place upon a throne of change. The fate of the world is truly unknown.

It all falls on the shoulders of two men. From very different backgrounds and very different trials, their burdens are strangely similar and their destinies are tightly laced together. One wishes to reclaim what was lost and right the wrongs which have led to the state of decay which threatens to crush the world. His actions, however, may not be the best in design and press the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong. The other seeks answers for his tortured mind as well as the justification for a great sin committed against him and those connected with him, urging him towards an oblivious thirst for revenge. Little does he know that his actions will help define the outcome of the worlds' fate nor that deep within him lies a terrifying secret, locked away by unspeakable forces.

The story follows one of these characters as he goes about his travels, encountering dangerous foes, forming unforgettable bonds, and struggling through unimaginable sacrifices. Will his actions serve to better the world or will they doom it and put everything that has been struggled for in jeopardy? The true meaning of Life is tested and defined as events unfold and ageless questions are brought forth.



Project Nefas has been undergoing its process of creation for over a decade! In this time Characters, Locations, Creatures, Races, Lore, and much more have been compiled and stored up specifically in the hopes of delivering a full and immersive world for readers who will eventually be exposed to it. The key goal through everything is to simply bring an exciting world to life for readers to enjoy with the highest quality available to them. We don't believe in taking shortcuts and only want to present this story in the highest quality possible!

The first leg of this project is to assemble, finalize, and complete the very first chapter of this story in visual format. Any additional funding (which we will talk about below) will be used to further following releases!

As with any project that has it's focus on high quality, funding is needed. We already have individuals set and ready to handle the required ends to bring this story to life including full-time story-boarding, visual design, writing, and so on. The only thing is to ensure that these talents are met with the proper funding to achieve the highest quality possible. Monetary gain isn't what's driving everyone, however, but we feel that those involved should be rightfully compensated for the hard work and dedication that they will be and have already been putting in on Project Nefas!

All funding will be used directly for the project and in it's best interest. These funds cover everything from hands on board to printing and releasing! Of course we have special perks in place for contributors as well! If we happen to move beyond our initial goal then additional funding will be put in play to work towards the next chapters. We want to be able to bring as much to the table as possible and we're asking for your help in order to do this! Every single penny is placed towards this project, so rest assured that your contributions won't be going towards buying a bucket of ice cream....unless there is an artist revolt and the only way I can sate their blood lust is by feeding them ice cream. At that point you're just saving lives so GOOD JOB!

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Being a writer, the need of good artists is a must for this project. While we have a team, I have to do my best to keep them fed! These guys are worked to the bone and do it with love and a smile! So let's make sure these artists get what they deserve and let them buy new socks and eat something once in a while!
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