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About Dragon Paradox Manga

Welcome to Dragon Paradox, your home for independent American manga. We pride ourselves in our love for the medium, and want to share with the world our stories within the caverns of our imaginations and borderline insanity. Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit our site. Currently we are busy writing and drawing up our title projects Sole Vigilance, SoulSong, Blissful Nightmare, and NightFall  first chapter's will be ready this fall so hang tight!
We are here to support artists and writers alike who enjoy the comic medium, we strive for the quality of creativity and the limitless boundaries of the imagination to give readers an awesome and personal experience.
If you are looking for support in your manga, or comic please feel free to email us with questions and support. We help anyone who enjoys the pleasures in the worlds odinary people like you and me create, and we hope to be a part of your world.
Thank you for your contributions!
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Blissful Nightmare the first chapter: please help us reach our goal to release the first planned chapter of this comic. This comic is about revenge, mystery, and the fate of one seemingly average FBI agent.  
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