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About Martin Clinch

I'm Marty! I have a BFA in Printmaking and Bookbinding, a combo that's led me to the field of small press and comics. Growing up on the early internet, I was intrigued and fascinated by early webcomics and art portfolio sites.
I started my studio and bookbindery, Querent Press, to corral my artistic and craft pursuits under one roof. A querent is one who asks a question - I feel like I'm always the querent, and my work is the answer to myself.
I'll be creating short comics, tarot cards, handcrafted blank journals and sketchbooks, and other useful and beautiful things!
12% complete
I'll start creating The Story of Sasha, my sci-fi comic of a cosmonaut lost in space. Patrons will get worldbuilding and behind-the-scenes info on Soviet space research and the Huri, the aliens of the comic.
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