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Sing on our next album!  Our current album "Pandemic" has quite a few of our fands (fans that are now friends...cuz it's weird to call someone a fan) singing on a few songs.  You obviously have to be available on the days we are recording and have to be able to get yourself there, haha.
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Be in our next music video!  Whether it be as a crowd member, main actor, or just guy/gal walking down the street, you will be in our video.  Again, you have to get yourself to the shoot, haha.
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Free ticket to 1 Haliwel show per month.  You can pick the show!  Just make sure to follow us on Facebook so that you can message us with your monthly choice.




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We don't have a sad story that will inspire you into helping us.  We are just a group of friends in a band that seems to be going places, but those places are quite expensive.  We have radio promotion, buy ons (I know, lame.  We try to stay away from them, but they are pretty much inevitable), gas, and production costs to cover...and as I'm sure you know, or maybe you don't, opening bands in the midwest rarely get paid for gigs, so with travel and food costs we usually lose money on most shows.  We are still able to continue on without your financial support, but it would be very helpful to have it.  Your support will directly go towards bigger shows, more radio play, and higher quality videos.  We understand that not everyone is able to contribute, so please don't feel pressured into it just because we set up this account.  Do not put yourself out just to help us!
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