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per Chapters of my terrible fanfiction work.
You're literally giving me a dollar for free. I don't know why you would do something like this, but I love you, and would like to marry you now. Too bad I'm underage, also probably we'll never see eachother because I'd rather not meet anyone face-to-face because I'm an introvert.

So yeah, thanks.
per Chapters of my terrible fanfiction work.
Oh, thanks. I can finally afford that one indie game on Steam now.
per Chapters of my terrible fanfiction work.
What the hell is wrong with you, why would you ever give a random douchebag online a hundred bucks for free? Did your parents ever teach you about monetary management? This s*** could have been given to orphans in Africa, but instead, you're just willingly handing it out for me.




per Chapters of my terrible fanfiction work.


Let me be perfectly honest with you.

If you so choose to invest your money to me... It's gonna be an incredibly slow and terrible process.

Without motivation, I slug out fanfiction chapters like a snail running away from salt. In which case, it cannot run at all because it is slow, and also, in terrible burning pain as the salt sizzles away it's very existence.

You do not have to donate money to me. I probably don't even deserve a freaking cent from just writing all this bullcrap fanfiction.

Anything I make will always be free. Except if I ever make a video game and it took me at least more than two hours to make. Then we're gonna have some problems.

Nothing shall be exclusive, because fuck that.

But I am a poor boy, living in a poor land, in a country that is currently 19 trillion dollars in debt. I would not mind, if a few random yet generous online strangers just so happens to look upon this patreon page and go, "Wow, I feel the sudden need to burn my wallet alive."

The very same random generous online strangers will probably realize how stupid they were for doing something like that. But for those few estranged seconds of mental lunacy, I will be happy. Because I get money.

Sooo, yeah. Donate money to me if you're insane, but also want me to write more fanfiction at a more frequent pace. Every time I upload a chapter, I get paid. Or at least, I think that's how this site works...

I didn't think this far ahead.
$0 of $1 per Chapters of my terrible fanfiction work.
Gee, thanks random stranger. This is definitely going to help with the rent.
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