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The thing is..All we want is for people to listen to our music and enjoy themselves.  Once you listen to a song and it has that "Oh So Sweet" sound that you only hear a couple times. It makes you want to go back and listen just for those little nuances.  We want to create music that has that.  Those synth riffs that cant get out of your head.  Not too cliche` and repeat repeat repeat.  Songs that inspire and make you feel something.  We base our music knowledge from a piano and guitar background.  Lately for the past few years we have been into making drum loops, samples or our voices all being on tempo to an awesome beat.  Making songs that are packed full of drum loops and synths but has a spacial feeling, little nuances that make you turn your head.  Thats our goal. Electronic music is always evolving, but making a sound for yourself is the first part of being an electro artist.  I cant get enough of rocking out to my 'Korg' EMX & KP3 all hooked together via midi and keyboards galore.  Even better when we are combined and all the toys come out.  The 'Tempest' a Dave Smith instrument is a beast of an analog drum machine.  When all the clocking is perfect and we hit play, electronic magic happens.  I am just talking and writing what I think.  This will be a project that I hope grows and we can show people awesome music.


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