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About Chris Luckett

The biggest difficulty these days when it comes to movie reviews is finding an contemporary, knowledgable voice. Sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic offer a faceless aggregate, but many have stopped listening to individual critics. Part of that's because so many critics of the Siskel and Ebert generation are out of touch with today's sensibilities; part is because so many critics of the millennial generation think any unsculpted opinion about a movie posted online constitutes a review.

My name's Chris Luckett and I walk the line between the two. I've studied film for 17 years and studied journalism at Hamilton, Ontario's Mohawk College. I believe that any genre of movie has excellent and terrible examples, that even the worst actor is capable of brilliance, and that the most important tool for appreciating a new movie is context.

The Apple Box is the home to all my reviews, as well as daily new stories, ranked lists, awards coverage, and more. I've been operating it since 2012, during which time I've written 150+ reviews.

To offset the price of movie tickets, web hosting, and the occasional transportation cost, I'm asking for $3 for monthly access my reviews, news, and feature articles. For that $3 a month, you will get:

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If $3/month earns more than the bare cost to offset business expenses, the surplus will go directly toward more full-length movie reviews.

I write movie reviews not for profit or for ego, but purely because it's my passion and because I love being able to use the knowledge I have to guide others through the unpredictability of today's cinematic climate. Thank you in advance for your support. I pledge to consistently work to give you the most value for your money that I can.