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I have like a lot of artist painted most all of my life, but when I was younger I let my life get in my way a lot. I let people in my life tell me you cannot make a life as an artist go work at a living, but was never given a career with which to do that with. So I floundered at horrible jobs my whole life until I got hurt really bad at the last one which pretty much ruined me for working all together, back to floundering at even worst things...trying to figure out how to make a living at something...I started back with my art at that point with a vengeance thinking that was the way... good way to keep starve...and quite by accident I started making jewelry and selling it along with my art at a gallery and it started selling...then one summer I got a gig selling art at LuLu's in Gulf Shores, AL. and again I was just showing art crickets chirping so I put the earrings on the table with the note cards the jewelry started's a I got a book and started making more jewelry and it keep now I have a side jewelry business that had been sustaining until I moved 3 years ago, now I have had to start all over again...
Since I have move to OK I have a nice studio to work delma is dividing my time between making jewelry and painting. I would love to paint full time.
I have painted abstracts off and on during my painting career and love painting them, but have always have been timid about being free enough to paint that I am older, a bit wiser, and freer with myself and my style of painting...and just really paint for myself now...and also know I can just keep painting until it get to that place where I like what I see...and I know later if I still don't like it I can keep painting it until I am happy with it.
I love textures in paintings...and will use pretty much any measure to get what I like...and then paint on it some's all just a journey...
I would really love to live in a warehouse where I would have plenty of room, so I would not have to worry about getting paint on anything anymore when I am painting...that would be the most fun thing of all...and just have gallons of paint to play with...and bolts of canvas to paint on that is my biggest dream....What freedom that would be....

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The goal of $500.00 extra income a month for art supplies would allow me to make two purchases a month from ASW for stretcher bars, canvas and painting supplies. 
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