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Thanks a lot, for all eternity! :P
Honestly, that really helps us out and gets the ball rolling already, thank you! 
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That is a super nice donation! We will continue to geek out on this project every single day without exceptions and will review and add content at a pace possibly faster than you can consume it! This all adds to a bucket that will soon allow us to expand, invest in professionals and marketing. 
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We will literally become your research slaves and out of the billions of links and thousands of great stories a week, we will send you the absolute best content each week. No more nonsense on your Facebook Timeline or Twitter Feed or reading half-way through a science "breakthrough" realizing it's an exaggerated claim. We will filter all that for you so you can enjoy the really awesome stuff! #Science #Technology #Politics




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About Ultimate Collection Project

This project aims to collect the best content on the web on science (primarily) and atheism/secular politics and future technologies. Right now all these awesome videos, articles, tweets etc. are somewhere on the web but they are so much more powerful when collected. Here is the main project: https://wakelet.com/@UCP
and a few other profiles on religion: https://wakelet.com/@AtheistHeavenhttps://wakelet.com/@Crazyworld
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At this point the UCP will be the Nr. 1 knowledge platform on the web. The Project will expand to a professional capacity, guaranteeing at least 30 new collections each month, 3 new profiles and over a thousand carefully selected and reviewed pieces of content. We will also be able to partner with other big pages and get 1 million people to visit the project. 
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