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is creating "Looking Back" for Violet and Logan Ens + 7 generations onward.
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About Grampa Green Comes Clean

... Not my circus ... Not my clowns ... so why 'Should I' care? ...

Global Warming is so daunting for it to be 'scary to care' for some, or like me to care too much, only to find yourself osculating somewhere in between these extremes but find we are all interconnected if in no other way than in 'us' being members of the human race currently faced with and under threat by unprecedented Climate Change, catastrophically affecting 'us' on the very planet we need for survival.

So like it or not 'we' are ALL clowns, IN Climate Change … AND …
This the "Catastrophic Corporate Circus" threatening us.

There is no "Plan"... 'B', so we had better 'SAVE!  our Earth', Now ... Right?

Which is why I am telling my story, to raise funds and bring awareness of 'solutions', unfolding it ALL for you in posted episodes written to the best of my ability from my recall of the experiences, the circumstances, and events, during my 67 year life, leading up to NOW.

Including some close-call "Life Changing Events" like how I missed DEATH by EXPLOSION on my 30th birthday through 'split second timing'. 
[Read about it here in "What KILLED Grant?" Posting #1]

From which you can decide for yourself if by;

1) - surviving all of that, 
2) - sitting here writing about it, plus;
3) - having the"Proof" in the "Solution 2 Pollution" system tests to show the result ...
Weather my life's work was either, cosmically contrived, coincidently compiled or possibly spiritually guided', from the start, and if so;
For what purpose? Other than 'to save 'OUR' Mother Earth?
BTW … "Who?" Posted this  note for me? … 
Why? When?  Where? & … What was the discussion about?

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This ‘monthly goal’ is the most 'extra money' I can earn under Christy Clark's 'BC Welfare rules' without deduction from their basic $657.92 a month subsistence and would allow me to have better food and nourishment than living on 'our' "Salvation Army Food Bank" can provide.
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