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About a n a d e l

Hello dear friend. First off, thank you. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for supporting Anadel, for believing in us and what we create. We are humbled constantly by the generosity and kindness of those that find something in our music that speaks to them.

We are hard at work on our new record, and while that is taking up the majority of our focus right now, we are also trying to look ahead. To see what might be next for Anadel. A tour? Another album? etc. etc. And what we've realized is that we just want to keep creating. We want to stay independent from any label telling us what we have to make and when, and we want to keep growing our community and find ways to get others involved.

So we have started this page as a way for you to partner with us, and become a part of what we are trying to do. We want to partner with you if you believe in Anadel's music. If you believe in what we are making, and if it has impacted you in a positive way.

What will the money be used for? A few things:

MUSIC VIDEOS: We want to create more dynamic, creative videos to accompany our music, to further tell the stories we feel are important to tell. 

STUDIO: We currently have our own studio space, but it is only about 70% operational. We will use some of these funds to further outfit the studio. For our own use to be sure, but also to start helping up and coming bands in the community have a safe affordable place to work on their own music.

TOURING: We want to play more shows; we want to come to your town and meet you. We want to interact in a real way with more people. Help bring Anadel to a town near you. 

These three areas encompass the main uses of any funds we raise through this page. We are going to be offering special rewards, BTS material, and other more personal ways to interact with the band for all those who support us here.

We hope you'll join us as we endeavor to continue making the most honest art we can, while also empowering others to do the same. Much thanks and appreciation.

a n a d e l
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If we can reach $5000 / month it will enable us to fully outfit our studio and start creating content on a much more consistent basis. It would mean more live videos and a lot more music. 
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