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I want to create more books of poetry by writing daily. I also would like to be able to attend more writing workshops and retreats, which will make me a better writer. I'm asking for your help. xx
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I will post a video of me reading one of my poems at the end of each month.
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In addition to the video I will post 5 of my best poems here for you to read once a month at the end of the month.
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At this level you will not only get to read my 5 best poems and the video, but you'll also receive 3 chapbooks a year (one per 4 months) from Two of Cups Press.
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This perk will not only get you 5 monthly poems, video, and 3 ToCP chapbooks, but I will also credit your generosity as a patron in any books I publish.
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Thank you for believing in me! $25 a month also means everything plus I will send you a copy of every book I publish with a personalized note.

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