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About Kevin Wynder

I am passionate about my health, the health of my fellow man, and the health of the planet. In this lifetime I intend to assist as many people as possible in reaching their full potential as human beings. on my journey, I have found that being truly healthy goes far beyond eating a healthy diet and exercising. Becoming healthy is a profound spiritual process that encompasses every aspect of one's life ranging from the physical, mental and emotional aspects, all the way to the environmental, social, and sexual aspects. As I tie these elements together with the experiences I've had on my own personal healing journey, I work one-on-one with individuals who are ready to incorporate this knowledge into their own lives so that we may all reach a state of wellness, connection, and integration that infinitely surpasses popular ideas of what is "healthy". One individual's health is the health of the collective. Your health is my health. Your support is greatly appreciated on this journey of collective healing and awakening. 

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