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Creating video content for my YouTube channel is a time-consuming effort.

I put hours of research into each video, as well as additional time spent fine-tuning the notes and scripts that I base my video delivery on. Then, there's the filming and editing process, which can take anywhere from 2 to 4 or more hours (per video), depending on length and complexity (which varies).  

I also offer free 1-hour, live Q&A sessions twice per month on my channel.

I strive to bring people the most informative and interesting evidence-based videos pertaining to vegan ethics, as well as vegan fitness and nutrition on YouTube (or anywhere). Your support will show your appreciation for my time and efforts (for instance, by helping put vegan food on the table), as well as helping cover production costs as needed (like backgrounds, lighting equipment, software, cameras, etc., even a new computer if the need arises).

Any support is very much appreciated, and certainly helps validate my efforts.  :)

Thank you for your consideration!

Cory McCarthy
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