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This page is about me learning how to finish pieces, mostly. I'm good at posting WIPs and sketches, but I want to work on my development as an artist as I learn more about palettes, composition, and making quick decisions, and hopefully this will lead me into a career of storyboarding. I'd really appreciate your support if you can lend it! Thanks!
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this will get you my warm up doodles and some 1 min life drawing poses!

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More than just warm up doodles, you'll get monthly sketches that are either just for fun or that I later plan to make into finished drawings or prints.

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Access to WIPs that are further along and insight into how I colour things and how I use reference

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Just to see where I'm at. I don't really have a financial goal at the moment, but it definitely helps (especially with going to school) to have a little pocket change.
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