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For every $20 you donate to Upland, you'll get a postcard from the Good Gilly Gaupus hostel. Maybe it will be a behind-the-scenes look at Upland. Maybe it will be a jaunty hostel greeting from Estella with a splashy font. Maybe it will show the characters in a way that foreshadows future episodes. Maybe it will be a sepia-toned throwback to the Gaupus Saloon, in which Beans has a jug of whiskey, a six-shooter, and a handlebar mustache. The possibilities are endless.

Frame it, reuse it and send to a friend, re-purpose it as a weird anklet, put it in the spokes of your bike, whatever, it's yours.




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Oh, hello. I'm Tiggy Upland!

You might know me from my advice column for and about bisexuals, my four-time run as M.C. of Bilicious (a multimedia variety show of bisexual-themed performances), or my "You Might Be a Bisexual" Tumblr blog.

Goodness, do I love bisexuals. I just can't get enough of us flexis, fluids, pans, pomos, omnis, queers, and good old-fashionable Wild Deuces.

In February of 2016, Team Upland launched UPLAND -- a webcomic based on my life as a writer living in a hostel in Boston. You'll meet my best friend and fellow bisexual, Byron; the hostel owner, Estella; the hostel beagle, Beans; and the countless people in our lives, bi and otherwise.

I hope I'm not coming off as vain. Honestly, it's not that I expect you to be interested in my's just that when you see another Wild Deuce facing the same situations and having the same feelings that you do, it makes you feel a little less invisible.

The truth is, it's a bit hard to be bi. To quote bi luminary Eliel Cruz, "There are few bisexual characters in TV and film, [and] the word 'bisexual' is typically avoided." This then fails to demonstrate to others that we're just like them, and to ourselves that there's a rich network of fellow bis across the world and in our own backyard.

Often rejected by both the straight and gay communities , we bi folks can feel isolated under the weight of stigma. And the result? Well, you wouldn't believe the effect on bi health.

So if a window into my world makes you happily sigh, "Me, too," then you're in luck. Because I do windows. (Estella insists upon it once a year.) But equally important is that this webcomic is going to be an absolute riot. If it's half as fun to read as it is to make, you will love it.

It might surprise you what it cost to operate this labor of love. But really, we're selling shares in this fantasy world.We want it to be yours as much as it's ours. I hope you'll be a part of this piece of bi culture by giving a donation. Your participation breathes life into Upland.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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