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Hidden World v1.06

Latest Chapter Update - Chapter Six
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What is Hidden World?
Hidden World is a fantasy/adventure anthropomorphic visual novel.

What’s the story of Hidden World?
The story starts off with a Human named Miles who stumbles across this world of Beastmen where he quickly befriends a wolf named Theo and a bear named Cyrus. This new world is riddled with countless dangers at every turn. The three friends travel together in search of answers, but find that this world holds more secrets than they could ever imagine.

Why should I support it?
Hidden World is a free game, and in order to continue making it free, I need a way to hire an artist for the characters and backgrounds, and possibly someone for the sound/music.

What will I get in return?
Every bit helps! By supporting even the lower pledge you’re making the game better for everyone, which in return I am very thankful for. You’re making a big difference and I hope you stick with us in making this project.

Author's note:
I will be using Ren'Py to create this VN. It's still rather new to me, so I'm learning as I go. Also, this VN is SFW and I intend to keep it that way. So if that's not what you were looking for, I'm sorry :( But I hope you'll hang around anyways!
(I suggest turning Sound and Music down once you open the VN, still working out some kinks!)

All character art was done by the great Shin! You can check out his Twitter here: Shin's Twitter Page!
$14 of $50 per Major Update
Hire an artist for the main characters. (Theo, Cyrus)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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