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Hey guys, my name is Gunther and right now I'm working on a fantasy adventure comic I wrote called Dade. Progress on it is slower than I would prefer, but that's ok because right now I'm also working on a text adventure with a team of people, as well as self publishing a short comic I made called A-51 Steak Sauce (Basically an alien escapes from area 51 and kills people with guns. Not very original, but hey it's something for now). I need something to help me pursuing a career in art. Really, any help helps. A LOT. I'm also really busy with school projects for game design (OH YEAH, AND STUDENT LOANS!!), so right now you can expect me to post a lot of progress and work on many different projects. If you can lend a hand (and a few bucks...) I'll be posting a ton of stuff, from comic pages, to character designs and art, to speed drawing videos, to wacky badly written text adventures. Thank you!
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A goal that seems realistic to start things off on here, and hopefully I can reach it quick. By the time I get to this goal, I should have a set up at home that will let me start streaming art on twitch. So that's exactly what I'll do when I achieve this goal.
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