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About Nick Nack Comics

Hey Guys! Welcome to my Patreon!

I'm Nicole, creator of My Crazy Life and co-creator of 3 Teen Tools; two comic strip series that update monthly.
My Crazy Life is about the hilarity that my friends, family and I live through, and there will be even more fun to be had with the new puppy. Follow along as we experience all the weird and crazy that comes our way.
3 Teen Tools stars three boys who get lost in the woods and gain special abilities when they create a campfire using their town's unique trees. They decide to be the town's super heroes, but become a tourist attraction instead and live though adventures that are anything but heroic.
I'm also working on two original comic series featuring a young group of Canadian super heroes, and a team of aliens on the run.

You can read My Crazy Life and 3 Teen Tools on my website, Deviantart and Tumblr:

Becoming a patreon will help me continue to update 3TT and MCL free to the public. And get you a few sneak peaks of my two upcoming series in the form of concept art and character design, once certain goals are met.

Thanks in advance for the support!
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Commission Giveaway: Once this goal is reached, one pledging patreon will be chosen in a draw to receive a commission from me of up to two full body characters, plus a basic background, of their choice.
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