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About Shiza Ruiz

I am here to give my life concrete direction. Writing is in my blood and tattooed on my skin. The 40 hr. work week is not the future I want for me and my family. I want to share my thoughts and creations with the world and this is the platform to do it on with the help of supporters that want to help people pick themselves up off the ground and elevate them to something better then they could possibly do on their own.

I want writing to be my second job now and in the future my first and only job. I want to be an author one day. To do that I need to write and perfect my potential ability but supporting myself thru my menial job takes all of my time and effort. Donations and support from kind people that like helping out will be the catalyst I need to shape my future. Thank you for reading this short introduction and thank you for your potential contribution. This nerd means it! This mantra sums up my desire to create,

I Rue But Do, Just For You!

Shiza Ruiz
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My first goal is pretty simple. Pay for a 4 days of what I usually get for working a month at my job. So basically 100 bucks for 1 day in a week. If I can make that goal, I will happily ask for reduced work schedule and use that day to work on my writing rather than working my regular job!
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