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Thank you so much! Every dollar helps. Everyone giving a dollar a month will have their names or preferred name of their choosing listed in my Patreon & Channel Updates. You should also see emails whenever I upload a rewind for early viewing on Patreon.
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Those giving three dollars or more a month will have early access to all of my videos as soon as I upload them to youtube.
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Those giving five dollars or more a month will have titles of their choosing read whenever I read their name in my Patreon & Channel update videos (for example Lord of Belfast, knight of the kingsguard, Maester, Steward, Septon etc). I will randomly assign some titles as well such as Warden of the North for the month, so someone someday may have as many titles as Daenerys Stormborn!




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Hey guys! I plan on making a lot more videos soon, and I'd like to finish up school soon, so please support my channel and let's all enjoy game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, and other things together!
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For the Watch! $3700+ is a lot to ask, but it is the amount I need monthly to go back to school in January 2018. I have 3 semesters left to complete and of course I plan on making videos regularly.
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