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About Dabney

Click the link to view portfolio: www.dabneyhamnerdraws.com/
If you want to contact me for collaboration or commission, send email to: [email protected]


My name is Dabney "Hank" Hamner and I want to make high quality animated films and music videos. As a child I've always loved cartoons, but the idea that people made a career out of making the cartoons I loved as a child didn't dawn on me until I enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design. I left SCAD with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in animation and the determination to forge my own path in the creative industry.

I wish I could dedicate all of my time towards releasing content, but animation is an arduous task. I want to pursue animation and other forms of visual art full time so that I may be able to release content in a more timely matter, but projects must be crowdfunded in order to do so. All animations, films, illustrations and other forms of visual art that I have made and will make are free. I just need help funding their productions.

Thus your contributions help greatly, no matter how small, to continue to allow me to create many games and animations. Your pledges can be anonymous, you can cancel your pledge at any time and you can easily set monthly limits.

Project currently in development:

"Esperanza" is a personal project I am undertaking in my spare time. Esperanza Spalding's music has always helped me when creative inspiration was needed most. I want to return all that positivity by making a really cool animated music video featuring a song from her latest album, "Emily's D+Evolution." This project is in its infancy still, as I am working on the look development and storyboards. But in the coming month or so, I should have a rough storyboard mapped out and posted here. In the meanwhile, check out some progress. Also, feel free to contribute.

Payment Disclaimer:
The pledges you make do not go to any individual project. All our works are either original content or parodies. When you make a pledge, the payment goes directly to me. By being a patron you are allowing me to focus on content creation and projects that many want to see. This money is not used to fund any specific projects (for copyright reasons) although i -will- use it to pay voice actors, artists, other animators and musicians to help improve the quality of our projects and allow for bigger things.
Remember, you can:
  • Cancel or change your pledge amount at any time.
  • Set a monthly limit so you don't pledge over your budget.
  • Pledge anonymously, for privacy reasons.
Thanks ya'll!

Dabney "Hank" Hamner
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