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Hi lovelies,

We are Joanne's Web: a mother and daughter team that bring you knitting and crochet video tutorials on YouTube almost every week!

Our community is growing so fast now! A dream come true. 
We want to be able to grow with it and be able to offer our time and energy to this awesome online community.
Our YouTube Channel now has 200 videos, 57,000 subscribers and almost 8 million views (as of June, 2016) and we'd like to bring our subscribers over to the website, we we'll share more instructions, exclusive videos and membership options to make our community even stronger!

Why we need the money?

Joanne's Web is a mother and daughter team. We do EVERYTHING ourselves: from creating the instructions, the demo, shooting video, editing, website updates, social media updates, design...everything. So we need a little help to make our vision come true.

  • For our current YouTube and Patreon patrons we want to be able to bring in weekly knitting and crochet video tutorials.
  • We've been working on the website but we never seem to be able to catch up with changes and to finish importing all the videos we have. We also need help uploading the instructions, etc.
  • In addition, we want to have many more features: a forum for members to interact and ask questions, a bigger store with more projects and instructions, class segments where you can learn from the very basics all the way to designing your own garments, etc

We have a great vision: Joanne teaching online and helping you to design your masterpiece and correct any mistakes. Ana learning how to put those fashion design ideas into paper so she can share them with you.
And we want to teach people to knit, crochet and even design their own garments!
As well as help you with questions you might have.

Our viewers and followers are the best: they send us photos of their projects and are always so beautifully complimentary of Joanne's easy to understand style of teaching. Really, you have now idea, this brings tears to her eyes because it makes her feel appreciated.
For me (Ana) it has been the ultimate way to learn everything I know about Design, Online Marketing and Business. Creating a business from scratch has been my favorite journey (other than being a new mom, of course). 

Every day we get approached by brands, multi-channel networks and other opportunities but we're really careful, because we want to bring only valuable and non-spammy content to our dear viewers and we want to preserve the high quality and attention to our videos and products.

So please do take a look at our Patreon Page and help our community grow with more resources :)

We appreciate your time! Thank you for your visit.

$4 of $500 per month
With the initial first $500 goal, we'll be able to crate weekly Knitting and Crochet video tutorials exclusively here on Patreon.
You will have exclusive access to these weekly updates that are unique for Patreon - patrons once we reach this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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