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is creating paintings, creatures, games, scenery, and stories
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About Grognard's Paradise

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

I am a visual artist, story teller, and creative thinker. This page will focus on my various projects such as acrylic paintings, a humorous dystopian fantasy novel, miniatures and scenery for tabletop wargaming and other games. I have a dice and paper roleplaying game in development and several board games I have been tinkering with over the years.

I feel strange asking for money sometimes. I was raised to be humble and as self sufficient as possible. However treating my passion just as hobbies and not as focal points has not bee great for my development as an artist. It does no good for my paintings and virtual worlds to sit in the garage, or for me to only produce sporadically. To be honest I find myself with more bills than I can pay for the people I support. So while I don't expect to make a living off of Patreon, even small donations will be a big help in encouraging me to produce more work. I would love to hear feedback from you folks, your comments and donations will help me prioritize what works well.

Grognard's Paradise, what does that mean?  >w<  A grognard is an old-school gamer. I have been collecting and modifying games and miniatures for a few decades now, and I want to share with the world.

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