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I want to have an intro and outro to the show.  On the outro I want to have a large splashpage of the epic people who make this stream possible (Hint that's largely not me).  At this tier you'll be added to that wall, and you'll have access to the subscriber events, like movie nights and special co-op gaming sessions.
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At $10 you, again, get all the subscriber perks, and you get your name on the splashpage.  But you also get entered into the baked good of the month club (if you want) once I hit $250 a month I wanna start baking (I love it) and sharing that with you.  Food allergies permitting I wanna share all the weird epic things I can make and logistically send.
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Other than making me cry?  You're getting all the lower-tier rewards, and you'll be bumped up to the gold sponsor section that I guess I'll have to make on my thank you page.  



About Ginger_Maus

I love doing this, I love talking to people and I love spending time with people and I love playing video games, even ones I suck immensely at playing. This is one of those dreams that you sort of set aside on a shelf to get dusty because it will never happen.  But the people who really, and truly love you can be really truly annoying and have pushed me to start and now I am addicted.

I spend over 40 hours a week at a job a job.  I don't (always) hate it but neither is it rewarding of fulfilling.  And now I happily spend another 40 hours a week doing this.  Which is rewarding and fulfilling but doesn't (hopefully yet) pay the bills.  It leaves very little time to myself and is so worth it.

But to be able to do this full time, and it pays the bills?  Would be a fairy tale kind dream come true.  A pinch me or give me a ballgown and let me dance with a prince kinda dream.  

So.  I am making the effort, it was scary, and intimidating to start streaming.  And now it's scary and intimidating to start this page.  But I have met some of the kindest, most generous people in the world doing this.  And they want to help, and they encourage me.  And if I can stream and get viewers, maybe its not so far off that I could do this as a career.
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At $100 a month I'll start adding in "Creative" content.  That means once a month I'll do a youtube video of recipes or how to or answering weird questions you may have.  
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