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With this level of support, you get your own Discord group and color, a Patreon Chat for ideas and cool things for the stream, and voting for a unique speedgame night once a week to drive me insane!




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Twitch is cool. You are cool. I am cool. You should let me be cool with you all more. 

Anyways, I speedrun things in my spare time, and as it goes right now, I'm not in the best place to do that all the time. I started in September of 2016 and have grown to the point where people have wanted to support me on a regular basis, more than just following the channel and participating with the stream. I want to give a chance for the people of this stream to be more involved with some of the events that happen here, and shape it into something that is not only fun for me, but exciting for them!

With this support, it will go a long way to help me to continue to do what I love, without compromising anything else that I currently have going on. The support that is given here, I will use for additional streaming equipment, more games to add to the streaming rotation, and eventually, for the support of additional life need as time goes on.

Thank you for reading and considering supporting the channel.
$0 of $50 per month
With this being met, I'll start to be able to put more money back for things that are needed for the stream. New equipment regarding capture, audio, and even speedgames that the community may vote on if needed. 

If this tier is met, all Patrons will be able to participate in a vote for a new speedrun that could be added to the rotation of games presented on this channel.
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