Felix Galvan

is creating Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels with a twist.

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At the entry level, you get a chapter of a novel I have written, my undying affection and a shoutout on my blog: Professor Porkchop's Lab.

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At level two, you will get an autographed business card mailed to you, as well as the level one reward (with a note that you're a level 2 Patreon)
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At this level, I am sending random prints of either a cover or character art. (I'll be fiverr'ing them, because I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life) Which I will sign with a fancy marker,(possibly even EXTREMELY fancy.) as well as the previous tier awards.




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Your pledges will help me afford to take away time from my other jobs and actually get some writing done. Given enough support, I hope to pay off school loans and actually make a proper living doing the thing I love most.
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This, most base level, covers most of my necessites, and allows me to move from a full time job (which I do have) to a part time position, so I can spend more time writing.
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