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You tell me what colors you love, and a style/era you identify with, and I'll sketch you a little rough design! Plus you'll get to see lots of fun behind-the-scenes sketches and other photos.
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Send me a photo of you or a friend, and I'll do a fashion-figure version of it! Plus lots of behind-the-scenes work!
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I'll do a Skype session with you and we can design something together! A fun collaboration/brainstorming session. A design you've had in your head forever, a wedding dress, or anything you like! You'll get the sketches I come up with from our session. Plus, you get to see plenty of fun behind-the scenes stuff!




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I love creating fashion sketches and designing clothing! I'd love to share more of my work with the world.

I got my BFA in fashion design a few years ago. I love playing with color and silhouette. I like bold designs and fun textures!

I'm still paying massive loans from my fashion education, so I would love to start making some consistent income from my design talents and skills.

I'll post plenty of free/public sketches, so feel free to follow me without sponsoring me, but I'll also post work-in-progress and some exclusive illustrations as patron-only posts.

Thanks for supporting artists!
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I'd love to start being supported by patrons!! It would give me so much freedom in my art and in my life, and I could improve my work so much! $10 a month would be a great start.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
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