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Hi there! I'm the General Manager for the Team Mystic fan accounts.

I originally began with just a Twitter account, but that grew so quickly, that I decided to unite the team with a chat server on Discord, on which I've found wonderful admins to help out with management. The Twitter account is now run by me and another admin, who is incredibly helpful with bringing in followers. Regional accounts are also under me and my admin; we work on everything from the science of social media managing to making sure the community stays healthy as a whole. Remember: if you don't feel comfortable donating, that's totally okay!

Your donations will not only help Team Mystic thrive in number as an online community, but will enrich that community, as well. We need to keep the online community, including the Twitter, Discord chat, the upcoming website, and even more, non-toxic and a good experience for everyone. The more that comes in, the more time I can spend on Team Mystic, and less time I have to spend working in fast food :)

DISCLAIMER: We are not at all affiliated with Nintendo, Pokemon, or anyone else involved in the creation of Pokemon GO. We are a fan-based community, who does not own the name of Team Mystic; we just want to unite the members.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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