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Hey there Everyone,

My name is Joey and i've been creating Youtube videos since I was 15 years old back in 2009! After a long time of pondering and trying to build up courage I finally decided that trying to make videos into a "career" is something i'd love to do! 

I make videos pretty much every day (With some breaks in-between on occasion) and like to have consistency in my schedule so people know when to look in their sub feeds! I'm also on all the social stuff so feel free to talk to me if you'd like! 
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Name amongst the Gods

At the end of every video I would provide a list of names for every patron who provided money to me throughout that month (Meaning it would rotate on a monthly basis) Of course all rewards above this amount also include this!
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The Man, The Myth

As a huge thank you for any money at all (Which is greatly appreciated) I would answer any and all questions you have for me! Try not to ask a lot of the same thing over and over and nothing super personal either (Although most things are absolutely fair game)
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A game a day keeps the depression away

If we reached this milestone I would go through steam and play new and interesting games on the channel with your direct input!... Perhaps even games outside of my usual comfort zone (RPG's and platformers mainly)

Hopefully this would keep things fresh for those who aren't huge fans of 100+ episode series.
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Jolly Joey 64

With this reward amount I would be more than willing to pay for travel to go to events and the like mainly in the UK (since overseas travel is very expensive). This would be a chance to meet people and take all the pictures and sign stuff you like! 

I personally believe that the community feel is very important so meeting people can greatly help this!
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Can't believe it's not insanity!

Although I never expect any one person to provide this much on their own, this amount would give me more than enough to pay for travel within Europe to go to places in order to meet overseas fans. 

I feel like the time out of the week is a small price to pay as a thank you to the huge generosity of any and all people who provide this amount!
$4 of $100 per month
Computer brought to former Glory

My main PC has been struggling with the CPU recently beginning to die so this first goal would be primarily to get a new CPU to use my main computer for all of my videos once again! (Over the course of many months saving!)
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